Today, ice plays many unusual roles. A style element for cocktail drinks. A cool bedding for delicacies. A preserver of life-saving drugs. The list is as long as it is diverse. And to meet your specific usage requirements of ice in the best possible way, you can always rely on the expert.

Cube Ice Makers LCIM-B31

Cube Ice makers comes with insulated ice storage bin and door which minimizes air condensation and water formation on equipment surface. It produces steady and similar shape ice cubes with high transparency. It serves safe, hygienic

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100 Kg, 200 Kg, 300 Kg


1000 Kg, 2000 Kg


240 V, 50HZ, 60HZ

UK’s leading air conditioning company, collaborates with NTF (Italy), the world’s leading ice machine manufacturer, to bring you sophisticated ice-making machines that freeze water and make ice effectively. These machines are hygienic, energy efficient, durable and easy to maintain.

Cube Ice Machine & Flake Ice Machine

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